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If a user doesn't pay for the Pod after one day/or for the next month: 1. That`s all you need to configure WHMCS integration with Kuber Dock.

Now you should also set up resource limits, package prices (check step 3 of Configure Packages section) and price for each Kube Type (check step 2 in Configure Kube Types section).

All domain related settings are manageable through options in the module instead of the Realtime Register Domain Manager; the registrar backend.

The module is plug and play; in the zip file are installation and configuration instructions available for the advanced settings.

As you may know, WHMCS emails can be edited and templated. The next set of articles will focus on this ability, and changing WHMCS emails to suit your needs. When receiving the default domain renewal notice, your client can be confused. This updated WHMCS domain renewal template will address this problem.

As always, if you need assistance, or would like us to help you customize the WHMCS emails to your liking, do contact us . When your client receives this email, they will know if they need to take action.

This should be the amount of DNS zones a customer of that Product will be limited to.

So it could look for "Manager Service Basic" and calc at 0, "Manager Service Pro" at 0 etc, but I couldn't figure out how to do that in a single query. I would really prefer a single query for this report if possible, but if I need to use two, then I'm sure I could simplify my initial query quite a bit.After the product is created go to the Module Settings tab and choose Clou DNS DNS Manager as Module name.Below the module name you will see a field called Zones.For additional information, you might want to take a look at our FAQ page.In this how-to tutorial, we will show you how to configure your WHMCS in order to use it as a web hosting billing system in a few steps.

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