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Use an album friendly view In certain views i Tunes will let you sort music on different columns, some of which are unlikely to group albums together or put the tracks in their normal play order.With i Tunes 11 when viewing the library in the Songs or Playlist views for playback you will generally want to sort things on the Album column organized as Album by Artist in ascending order.Music Brainz Picard works in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.It will clean as many of your music tracks as you like for free.

The status bar will change to “Getting Album Artwork”.

If you enjoy the i Tuner application, please consider donating to support continual improvements. Bringing i Tunes to the foreground is often intrusive and overly cumbersome for clicking a single button or reading a quick track title.

Running in Mini Player mode or minimizing i Tunes to the Windows taskbar as a small toolbar are both great and provide handy playback controls. After using i Tunes for a little while, I started realizing what I really wanted...

The player has gained and maintained a reputation as being easy to use while still providing many features for obtaining, organizing, and playing music.

i Tunes is also the principal way to manage the music on Apple's popular i Pod digital audio player.

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