Ubuntu 9 04 not updating from cd

Besides, the released ISOs contain an older non-updated set of packages after the release (well, LTS has point-releases).

So I'd say, updating using the internet is essentially safer, because you'll get the latest security patches as well.

LP: #1567687 When DHCP is disabled via preseed, do not ask the DHCP question on s390x by propagating the seen flags from preseed-only keys to the interactive question.

This is a side-effect / regression from 1.135ubuntu3.

The dist-upgrade command may therefore remove some packages.

"much safer than an Internet connection" How would this be safer than using an internet connection?

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If it IS too old (for example, if you're using a non-LTS version that is a couple years old), then you'll need to grab an ISO and upgrade via CD/DVD.

The last update included was USN-3039-1 (Django vulnerability).

On s390[x], Prevent using extended partitions on DASD drives that can only hold 3 partitions.

LP: #1572607 src/system/efi.c: validate the presence of efivars *or* vars under /sys/firmware/efi to decide whether we should show the system as running in EFI mode; either of these paths is required for efibootmgr to set a Boot Entry at the end of installation.

(LP: #1582320) debian/patches/set-up-encrypted-swap-on-nvme-and-mmc.patch: Properly handle the formatting of the path to swap partitions on NVMe and MMC drives so that they're correctly marked as not to be automatically mounted by systemd. (LP: #1597154) debian/ecryptfs-utils.postinst: Fix any unencrypted GPT swap partitions that have mistakenly remained marked as auto mount.

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