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These are woven into decorative geometrical designs and shapes.

Both the colours and shapes have particular meanings assigned to them, which makes it possible for a Love Letter (incwadi) to be made entirely from beads and sent to a sweetheart to express a range of emotions.

W.” and offers a glimpse of the intricate, artful handiwork of a bygone time.

Made of a single, one-foot square of laid paper, the love token was folded so it could form a four-inch square, with drawings and words carefully designed so the flaps form a pattern when tucked in as well as when opened.

Recently, Harvard University’s Houghton Library acquired one such love token dating to the late 1700s, possibly fashioned by a New Englander.

Delivered to his lady of interest in the form of a puzzle purse, it records the unrequited passions of one gentleman who signed off as “E.

The coins below, ranging between the 1770s and the 1820s, are particularly touching examples of the material culture of romantic love.Diverse techniques and materials present cultural comparisons throughout history and in present times.Zulu necklaces and bead work found under the umbrella of Love Letters The bead work that was created in response to trade, with the advent of glass beads became a symbol of status and positioning, and most importantly a key device in self-adornment and expression.A sampling: Thou art / the Girl and only Maid / That hath my Tender / Heart Betray’d.If you refuse / to be my wife / You will betray me / of my Life.

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