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The original issue of the 1900 catalogue did not list Bed Rocks, however, updated supplemental pages to that catalogue included a listing.Inasmuch as a 1901 catalogue has not been found, it is believed that the supplemental pages were issued in early 1901 and in lieu of a catalogue for that year. The January 1, 1902 Stanley catalogue is the first known dated reference to Stanley Bed Rocks. 600 series planes as, "New Tools Not Previously Listed." The illustration in the 1902 catalogue plainly show the rounded sides and the "STANLEY R & L COMPANY BED ROCK" on the lever cap.Patrick Leach's Patrick's Blood & Gore for the Bailey Planes.Stanley Chisels "Everlasting" Chisels Stanley # 20 "Everlasting" Bevel Edge Firmer Chisel Stanley # 25 "Everlasting" Square Edge Firmer Chisel Stanley # 40 "Everlasting" Bevel Edge Cabinet Chisel Stanley # 45 "Everlasting" Square Edge Cabinet Chisel Stanley # 50 "Everlasting" Bevel Edge Butt Chisel Stanley # 55 "Everlasting" Glaziers Chisel Stanley # 58 "Everlasting" Glaziers Chisel Socket Chisels Stanley # 440 Bevel Edge Butt Chisel Stanley # 450 Bevel Edge Pocket Chisel Stanley # 720 Bevel Edge Firmer Chisel Stanley # 740 Bevel Edge Pocket Chisel Stanley # 750 Bevel Edge Butt Chisel Stanley # 760 Thin Blade Bevel Edge Butt Chisel Stanley # 1 Winterbottom's Patent Comb. Prime questions facing the Bed Rock collector are, "What did the initial Bed Rocks look like?" Although very little firm information has become known since THE STANLEY PLANE was published in 1975, some bits of fact and theory can be strung together to add a little more understanding.The Bedrock design incorporated a new adjustment method, in which the entire frog could be wound forward or back, thus adjusting the mouth, without removing the blade.Indeed, on most Stanley irons the functional surface is laminated with hard, wear resistant steel in the first inch or so and mild steel in the remainder of the iron.

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Bailey Jay Sutherland's Stanley Bailey Type Study .

You can find other stanley handplane type studies online, but I’ve tried to make this the most clear and understandable resource, with plenty of photos to help you understand what you’re looking for.

In case you want a PDF copy (or in case my type study is having glitches) you can download my free PDF chart here.

Original material developed by the author has been combined with data presented by Walter's to provide more complete type studies for the Stanley #20 Try-Square, the Stanley #25 Bevel Square, the Stanley #41 Pocket Level, and Stanley #20,#40,#50 Everlasting chisels.

Bedrock Bob Kaune's Stanley Bedrock Plane Type Study .

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