Speed dating belmont montreal

Even by cold-weeknight-in-February standards, the calendar of activities feels somewhat light.

It also means little chance of finding refuge in a DJ set or live band at a club – my preferred method of avoiding the hoopla back during my swinging single days.

In the speeddating process your age usually represent the group of people you wil meet. following your registration when you confirm your payment, you can ask what group your were placed in !

The most romantic day on the calendar can be a horrible downer without a main squeeze to spend it snuggling with, but with this year’s Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday, we’re being deprived of the usual à la carte menu of city-wide happenings to fall back on.

You get to meet different people in a comfortable, no-pressure environment.

There aren't any awkward beginnings or endings to the conversation.

No one is sad when there are good beats and eats to go around, and anyone you strike up a convo (or dance) with at Lunch Beat will be incredibly friendly. For the ladies: take your car savvy guy friends and head to the weekly Thursday So Clean car meet.

You don't have to exhibit any particular knowledge of cars, just browse around and just say 'Hey, nice car! Any woman will seem like a Goddess and will most definitely have a guy's engines roarin' if she knows the basic workings of a car and maybe a little extra.

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