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Not to mention having Bad Service & Lousy Search Results... But now you have made it so easy for me to do it, I can spend even more time finding the information I want quickly, easily and affordably." "I always had a strange feeling about my neighbor, something about him made me suspicious. In 1998, the company is acquired by Berkshire Hathaway.I got a chicken sandwhich on the regular menu paying for and I get hard, old, cold, nasty freaking chicken!! I dont think food poisoning is a joke but your employees did!If you have any trouble with the payment links below, please contact our membership services line at 1-800-211-4148(Hours: Monday - Thursday, am - pm Central).Join Senior Circle and we'll help you get more out of life with health talks, hospital benefits, local business bargains and discounts on prescriptions, vision care, and personal emergency response systems.

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