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Climbing posts, scratching posts, cat grass, windows perches, window beds, and a view of birds or squirrels to watch are all great ways to enrich your cats live and prevent boredom. If you have the blinds or curtains closed – consider opening them to allow your cat the ability to bask for a while in the sun. She was staff veterinarian at the Animal Emergency Clinic of St.

For some great tips – go to this article: Tips to Enrich your Cats Environment. It is important for him or her to have a "view" and ability to watch what is going on outside. Get out the laser pointer, feather flyer or just toss a ball across the floor to simulate your cat. Bored cats can sleep more or have behavioral problems. Louis, Missouri, one of the busiest emergency/critical care practices in the United States as well as Med Vet Columbus, winner of the AAHA Hospital of the year in 2014.

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And you can make a huge difference in just a few minutes.

This article discusses the most common configuration issues which lead to e-mail duplication and how to prevent them from happening again.

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Actually, I’m not talking about just a single e-mail here but basically all your e-mails and not just twice but LOTS of times.You can stop Outlook from automatically telling senders you opened their emails. Countless movies prove: some facts are best unknown.If you think it is best for email senders not to know when you open their messages, you routinely decline Outlook's requests to return read receipts, I guess.Outdoor cats have a life span estimated to be a fraction of those that live indoor only.For more information on the lifespan of cats – go to How Long Do Cats Live? Are there lots of things for your cat to do, play with, and watch?

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