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I think I need a Paralyze Heal, because you're stunning.

My Gyarados is BIG enough for you to ride it ALL day and night.

Realistic Kissing Simulator is a funny 2 player game.

Each player control the tongue of the two cartoon characters in the game. You’ll laugh your ass off, play it with someone you want to a big laugh with.

I know the dialogue is shit, i crammed in 150 frames in 2 days.

I will be doing more but this is just me getting used to Flash, because its been a while since I've used it.

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To start select game by clicking inside of the game then Hold down A Z and up down arrow to START. You are currently playing Realistic Kissing Simulator on KBHGames.

: TSome stuff is interactive eg.fridge, tv..click on stuff!

This is just a tester game, so dont expect to much.1.

If I was a Pokemon right now, I'd be an Erectabuzz If you were in a Pokemon Contest, you'd win first place in the Beauty/Cuteness category. You make me errupt like the Cinnabar Island volcano.

You make me feel like an Electrode, you give me an EXPLOSION in my pants.

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