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In the accompanying interview, Pixie spoke out about receiving fame at a young age, with her crediting the My Space era for her initial success.

She said: "I love what I do so it's fun and time goes quickly, but, you know, when my first single came out, it was all about Myspace. "I remember seeing people from China messaging me on Myspace saying they loved my music, and I couldn't believe it."I signed a record deal at 15, and I don't think those kind of label deals are around anymore - the 360 deals where they took a piece of [all revenue, including songwriting royalties and merchandise] because record sales weren't doing so well since downloading meant no one bought CDs." She added to Paper magazine: "When streaming started, no one really knew what to do!

Pixie posted the happy news on Instagram on Sunday evening (November 13) alongside a picture of her new glorious-looking diamond ring.She told us: ‘I’ve never felt pressured (to do anything I didn’t want to do).As you get older you learn more and mature so you have more of a sense of what you want to do.'"As soon as I started going out with Oliver I was asked it, and I still get asked in it every interview."I don't know why that is, maybe it's just something that people want to hear about, I don't know.I think male celebrities probably don't get asked it as much."Well at least now folks should stop asking.

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