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The main problem is that MMOs are social games, and the communities that form around them generally become like small towns or clubs.A lot of social bonding happens on servers, and whether you've even been on a speaking basis with someone, most players know the names of dozens, even hundreds, of those that share their server.During the chat, it was also revealed that he would be composing the darker side of LOTRO for the Mordor expansion.

After several hours of digging, running, building and dieing I have walked away with some mixed feelings on this Steampunk Survival game.As we spend time on the server, we become exposed to the business of dozens of people through guilds, pick up groups, forums, and gossip.There's not always an opportunity to dodge the people you've burned bridges with, but there's a huge difference between an ex-guild leader and an ex-lover.This is our preview of the Early Access title 'Steam Hammer'.Lord of the Rings Online composer Chance Thomas was on hand today during a special live stream event.

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