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The footage — available via six different video feeds at — is mesmerizing to the point of being coma-inducing.

Viewers can watch baby pandas, tween pandas, mom pandas and a hodge-podge of adult pandas cavorting and lolling around together at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Meet just some of the stars of the new 24-hour live broadcast at!

This photo of seven giant panda cubs was captured on Oct.

The panda cam you’re watching shows baby pandas in the Happiness Village yard, named in honor of Xingfucun, one of many villages devastated in a 2008 earthquake.

About the Panda Center A local legend tells of a giant dragon that wandered into a beautiful and lush valley.

They had 28 high-definition video cameras installed to capture every move of the more than 80 giant pandas who currently call Chengdu home.These experts are also leading ecology studies in giant panda's native habitat.The Zoo's giant panda team works closely with colleagues in China to advance conservation efforts around the world.When pandas reach two years of age, they weigh around 100 pounds and will start to live on their own, without their mother.Learn more about adult pandas on our Wolong Grove Panda Cam.

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