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From Moscow to Paris, from a Manhattan skyscraper to a California mass murder, Blind Date is a dizzying vision of life among the beautiful people and the thrill-seekers. Philip Roth and Charles Bukowski are the two that pop right to mind, but I know there are lots more.

Sometimes they are pretty clearly the author (as in when Philip Roth shucks the Nathan Zuckermann persona and starts writing about a character named Philip Roth you don't need an Ph D in Contemporary Amer An auto-biographical masturbatory jizz fest. Lots of writers who peaked in the late 1960's through 1980's made an industry out of writing about themselves.

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The case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev absorbed Americans as no death-penalty drama has in years.

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George Levanter is an idea man, a small investor, an international playboy, and a ruthless deal-maker whose life is delivered in a series of scorching encounters, each more incredible than the last. Lots of writers who peaked in the late 1960's through 1980's made an industry out of writing about themselves.Other times (well this one time in particular) the author or publisher decide that maybe the reader won't get the autobiographical wallowing the author has been engaged in.In this case it is best to give a four and a half page mini-biography in the back in the book, just to let the reader see what in the book was taken from real life.He is one of more than 60 federal prisoners under sentence of execution in a country where only three federal death sentences have been carried out in the past half-century. The situation is similar in state courts and prisons.Despite extraordinary efforts by the courts and enormous expense to taxpayers, the modern death penalty remains slow, costly and uncertain.

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