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Up to 30,000 girls between the ages of 12 and 14 are being lured into the industry after being promised with riches and trips abroad after the sexual activity is done; as we would conclude nothing is actually given to them afterwards and these girls then fall into the trap of prostitution in which they can’t get out of afterwards.

A study by UNICEF found that there is a high level of acceptance of prostitution and commercial sexual abuse not only by tourists, but by the people of Kenya including parents of the girls that are involved in these acts.

Our undercover investigations eventually led us to the door of one of the residences.

A soft knock at the door that mid-morning is responded to by a half-naked young man, who assumed we were clients and cordially ushered us to an upstairs room.

This is financially beneficial because the average Kenyan only earns four Euros a day which is most definitely not enough to survive.

They believe that the money over powers the horrible situation they put their child through.

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Since prostitution is such a profitable activity many families in Kenya allow their children to get into the prostitution industry at a very young age in order to get money.

In Kenya, a sexual encounter with a girl under the age of sixteen can cost twenty Euros, but can go up to as high as sixty Euros.

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