Japanese men dating dolls

“So I just used it a few times.” “The only way a doll is better than a woman is that it won’t resist, so people can do whatever they want with it,” he added.

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The girls can kiss, “hold” a player’s hand, exchange flirtatious text messages and even snap out in anger if the player leaves a conversation.

He says he is not their boyfriend or their father - they are just special people in his life.

Hiroyuki tells me that having these dolls is like being the manager of a big pop band. He takes them out, photographing them in some of Japan's top tourist spots and then posting the pictures on his website.

In the 2008 movie "Lars and the Real Girl" Ryan Gosling plays a man who introduces a life sized doll as his girlfriend and takes her everywhere, eventually gaining the town's acceptance.

A year before that movie put so-called "real dolls" on the periphery, the BBC produced a documentary called "Guys and Dolls." It chronicles the industry and the men who buy them. A California company called Realdoll began making realistic, lifesized dolls back in 1996.

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