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The bill was introduced by MK Yifat Kariv (Yesh Atid), after an incident came to her attention in which a man posted to the mobile messaging application Whats App a video of himself and his former partner having sex.The video was subsequently forwarded to tens of thousands of people.There are not so many armies where you can see so many girls.Israel Defense Forces, IDF, is one of them and being a man in their army is the best job on the planet.A few anti-Israel photos have been circulating for years.

"The mother then told them they needed money to eat and there were men who paid money for these images," the official statement said.She said they were made to pose suggestively - including with dummies in their mouths and with their hair in braids.Another child, the niece of the woman's former partner, aged eight, also appeared in the shots, according to reports.Trump, amid an opening move in a longer chess game of Arab-Israeli peace, praise the state of Israel as 'a strong and soaring monument to the solemn pledge we repeat and affirm: "Never again".' And, in language that seemed to stem from his earlier comments about Monday night's deadly terror attack in Manchester, UK, the president urged those watching to 'refuse to become bystanders to barbarity.' He said that 'words can never describe the bottomless depths of that evil, or the scope of the anguish and destruction' caused by the Nazis.'It was history's darkest hour.' 'It was the most savage crime against God and his children, and it is our solemn duty to remember, to mourn, to grieve and to honor every single life that was so cruelly and viciously taken,' he said...The trip to Israel has been talked up as a pursuit of peace has he meets both Israeli and Palestinian officials with his son-in-law Jared Kushner by his side whose negotiating skills have been lauded.

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