Is donghae and eunhyuk dating

after this bts comeback w/ jungkook in the police uniform i realized how ppl truly don't care about age irl or in fic and it's a bit worrying.No todas las parejas viven un felices para siempre, Kim Heechul, Cho Kyuhyun y Lee Donghae se acaban de dar cuenta.i haven't gone on tumblr in ages, but this comment makes me wonder - how does this person feel about fanfiction outside kpop community?

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100314 Leeteuk’s cruel way of breaking up Leeteuk: When you break up with your girlfriend, how do you do it? I can remember some which was recent, but in fact, I wouldn’t want to remember, such painful memories. So I call her and say, “I dislike you, this is the end of us. (T/N: teuk meant if hyuk had somethinglike cheating on the girl.Sungmin is the friend who has to put up with far too much insanity. Leeteuk just hopes they get through the rest of the month without all getting kicked out of the building. To show to that player that he is no longer his toy the he used to know and play with!Donghae does not know specific words to point out the best in Hyukjae. Hyukjae and Donghae grew up together and consider each other as brothers.Esta es una pequeña colección de tres drabbles de las tres parejas más conocidas de SJ. A story about two lovers who find themselves in a bloody situation.Someone gets killed, someone has to clean it up, someone has to figure it all out, before they come to that dreaded realization no one wants to face.

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