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Surely it's an indication of serious problems in the countries where the customers come from, which are more affluent and should have more respect for human dignity' Child prostitution and baby smuggling are the themes of a BBC drama filmed in the Philippines.Stephen Vines finds art and life mingling uneasily on the streets of the capital The children at the Bahay Tuluyan street child- ren centre in Malate, Manila's former red light district, studiously ignore a middle-aged, Western male visitor.Most of these children have been working as prostitutes and have encountered Western males in rather different circumstances.Some five minutes' drive from the centre, cameras are rolling as the actress Kerry Fox makes her way into a seedy hotel in the company of the actor John Hurt.The Black Alley brings you only the most beautiful and sensual Asian models in the world.All shot by the very best photographers in the business to ensure the highest level of quality possible. Then get the fullsize pictures in the members area.

Welcome to The Black Alley, the new home of the finest Asian erotica.This one had a short puffed out skirt, and yes, Cory realized, this one had no panties. That this persona had been imposed on her was clear to Cory, but what was also clear to her was that this was the way she was now and she never wanted to go back to the person she had been before.She was still a maid Cory realized, but it was a much different kind of maid. All she really wanted, all she would ever want, was sex.In fact, it is set in Bangkok and Saigon, but the authorities there were not prepared to allow the filming of a story dealing with the twin subjects of child prostitution and baby smuggling.The Philippines, where the fantasy world of the cinema mixes seamlessly with reality, is more open to film-makers; it is also, as it turns out, unwittingly hospitable to sex tourists and locals who use children, most in their early teens but some as young as six years old, for sexual purposes.

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