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(Her whole point was that the men were the “masterminds behind” the “massacre.”) We now know that Conway picked the same word more than once while peddling the Bowling Green narrative, which certainly suggests the storytelling was deliberate.(“Massacre” isn’t a word that often tumbles out of mouths of surrogates by mistake, let alone twice while telling the exact same story.) Why does Bowling Green matter, aside from the opportunity to mock Conway’s dishonest and dangerous fabrication?Having gone through a series of pivots, Hitcents currently focuses on developing websites and apps.But the company is still very much a homegrown operation.If that were the case, it might be within bounds for Conway to push back on critics, even though she was reckless using “massacre.” But that’s not the case.Because if you look at the language Conway used on MSNBC, it’s obvious she didn’t employ “massacre” by mistake.Shelby Booker is described as 5'6'', 150 pounds, with brown shoulder-length hair, and brown eyes. Libraries in Clay, Grant, Henry, La Rue, Madison, Marion, Monroe and Russell counties are receiving the grants, along with the Louisville Free Public Library and Corbin Public Library. LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) Lexington firefighters said that no working smoke detectors were found in a home where four people were killed in a fire.

(LEX 18) - Storms and fast water damaged homes and tore up roads in Pike County.Clinton and Chris Mills are fraternal twins from Bowling Green, Kentucky. When they were 17, in 1999, they started an online advertising company, Hitcents, and have worked side by side ever since.“Our wives want to kill us because we see each other way more than they do,” says Clinton.That, and to wrap the media’s knuckles for ignoring the alleged massacre.The latest revelation is troubling because it completely undermines Conway’s defense that when she mentioned the “massacre” on MSNBC last week, she simply made an "honest mistake" where she “misspoke one word,” and that instead of a “Bowling Green massacre” she meant to refer to the two Iraqi men as “Bowling Green terrorists.” In other words, “massacre” sprang out in a moment of on-air confusion, and then “haters” in the media blew the story out of proportion.

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