Demonoid stats not updating

as always thank you very much for being with us, and enjoy your stay Don't forget to follow us on twitter for the latest news about the site. You can always check the current official domain by visiting our twitter or by accessing any of the prior official domains.

Today's invites and about support requests Just posted a few more invites at our twitter account Have fun!

Connection issues There were some intermitent connection issues between a couple of our servers. Reddit While we have the time and cash to set up a proper fora, a long term members suggested we used reddit and was kind enough to create it for us (I don't have enough karma, heh) I'm not sure how this thing works yet to be honest, but I'll check the options and whatnot tomorrow. :) More about bug fixes Hello guys I have been working on various aspects of the server today, since I have some free time and I don't know when I will have it again That's the reason of the intermitent downtimes.

Seems the guys at the datacenter figure it our and fixed it now. Sorry about that, I'll try to keep it to a minimum. JS : Part II We have received a lot of emails from you guys offering your help developing the new site. We'll try to reply to everyone as soon as possible.

As it seems I am far from being alone in my problem of my profile stats not updating for weeks I have decided to collect all the posts and Battle Net IDs here in hopes of getting everyone a real answer quicker.

I will be adding to the post daily from the new threads that do not see this. UPDATE : For those saying "what's it matter, you can see your stats in game and they don't really matter", please see this very good quote: This is a much larger problem than just "stats not updating".

Demonoid is a popular Bit Torrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker.

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It seems like the problem is that when I compile and view, the file is not saved.With the start of Season 2, I would really like to have my stats so I can track my stats beyond my skill rating. I have tried playing on other realms (Asia and Europe) and then switching it back to US.I'm having some problems with Te Xstudio on Windows 7.I suppose it should work (from my personal experience). I thought it didn't make sense to make a MWE since it's all my documents I am having this problem with.After having excellent response to my quiz – Why SELECT * throws an error but SELECT COUNT(*) does not? Note: Auto Update Statistics and Auto Create Statistics for database is TRUEExpected Result – Statistics should be updated – SQL SERVER – When are Statistics Updated – What triggers Statistics to Update However, the solution I am looking is where statistics should be updated automatically based on algorithm mentioned here. Vinod Kumar is not allowed to take participate over here as he is the one who has helped me to build this puzzle. Please leave a comment and if your comment consist valid answer, I will publish with due credit.

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