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These and similar forms are still popular throughout Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

These and other European instruments were originally imported into Hawaii by the immigrants, and continued to be imported through the late 19th century, even after local makers started building their own.

Our authorized dealers report being unable to keep our ukuleles on their shelves and because of our backlog, there is a mandated waiting period before our dealers can re-order.

Follow this link for a list of authorized Kamaka Dealers.

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In this lineup of Taylor acoustic guitars, you'll see that they continue to live up to their excellent reputation.

They're ready to take on any style of music, so no matter how you like to play, you can find an instrument in this section that's the right fit for you.

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The ukulele isn't a native or ancient instrument: it started with Portuguese immigrants to Hawaii in the late 19th century.

The largest wave of Portuguese immigration lasted about 30 years, and 11,000 Portuguese immigrants would arrive in its first decade.

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