Dating emotionally unstable men

You might ask yourself why a woman would stay with such a man.For the rescuer, she values love and relationships above all else.You can be sure that almost any woman you've met in your life has had her share of hurt from relationships before meeting you, unresolved issues from the past and are possibly even still reeling from the negative effects of past problems.You wouldn't be far-fetched for thinking this can even include things like sexual and physical abuse.

Then there's the other variety who swing from one end of the spectrum to the other sooner than you can say 'emotional baggage.' They're basically on an emotional roller coaster and completely unpredictable with their moods and behavior towards you.Everything has to be on his terms as far as how close he comes to you.Wanting to see you, be around you, hold you, know you, caress you, let you inside his heart and soul — it's all got to be on his clock, or he won't trust you and will even feel resentful.This may seem a bit odd in your mind as many people have strange habits but if your woman does in fact indulge in compulsive smoking, eating, drinking or even obsessive cleanliness chances are she's got some sort of unchecked emotion that she's compensating for through such behavior.It's unfair to assume that only due to such formulaic behaviour she has emotional baggage but when combined with other red flags, it's often a pretty good sign. The first variety are the kind who are so bottled up about their emotion she makes even you, a man, look like an emotional fool.

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