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The snobbish stares of my fellow tube passengers somehow seemed preferable to... As shameful as it is to admit and at the risk of sounding completely conceited, I was ready to return to dreary, mean London.Italians often think that foreign women are just looking for a good time, which is why they are so forward with us.This can have an upside though, as they do make an effort to get your attention. Here are some tips: Due to this open-mindedness, Italian men are often still close friends with their exes.It simply means your Italian man will probably not be entirely impressed if you wear your gym clothes out to aperitivo hour with his buddies.Italy is known for fashion for a reason because Italians pay attention to dressing and it can almost be considered an art. And try to get used to high heels–your Italian man loves them. You can fix your own flat and you bring in your own dough, but every now and then, let your Italian man wear the pants.Chivalry is not dead in Italy and the men like to take care of their WAGs so don’t scoff if he offers to carry heavy objects, fix the car, or pay the bill.Also don’t hesitate to ask for advice, Italian men love to give advice on everything from which handbag goes best with your outfit to how to make your lasagna recipe even better (although it will never be as good as his mother’s).

Here are a few pointers as to what Italian men expect (or “appreciate”) from their main squeeze: Unless you live in Milan, this doesn’t have to mean dressing to the nines every day.A teacher friend of mine got stung with this a number of times Italian men also have an open-minded and friendly approach to dating.Say he happens to be your boss, or maybe the friend of your ex—if everyone is cool with it, he will take the bull by the horns.Many guys will offer a personal tour of the city, which can be quite romantic if you’re into the guy.Another popular dating opener is to ask you for private English lessons.

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