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11 October 2010After a brutal murder, fugitive Faith Maples takes her young daughter with her on a harrowing killing spree across Texas. 18 October 2010As his fancy lawyer can't promise a change of acquittal anymore at his trial, ruthlessly cunning fraudster Adam Rothschild escapes from the courthouse in bloody manner.

on ABC Grey's Anatomy Maybe you can go home again, but that doesn't mean it won't be different, as Alex (Justin Chambers) discovers upon returning to the hospital in the new episode "Back Where You Belong." A case puts Jo's (Camilla Luddington) decision-making to the test.

In this hilarious comedy two rural neighbors who hate each other, end up paralyzed after they get tangled in a tractor during a fight. Cast: Michael Bonsignore, Maggie Wise Riley, Gail Benedict, Nanci Jo Boone, Clint Vaught, Jose Albovias, Elsie Albright, Malorie Boone.

Full of spite they decide to roll across Europe to exact revenge from the tractor's manufacturer. Todd is a pot-smoking janitor at a nursing home who takes pleasure in toying with the senile residents.

Once wounded, Jackson heads for his adult ex, the mother of his pre-teen son, before heading for the Mexican border to escape US jurisdiction.

Eventually, however, Will discovers his own powers and must use them to save his family and friends from an old nemesis.

4 October 2010For years, cunning Irish mobster fugitive Jack Druggan lived a quiet life under a stolen identity.

Now he rebuilds his own notoriously thuggish persona, resuming his trademark ruthlessness by committing vicious, needlessly violent crimes in quick succession and provoking the marshals.

Refugee Jackson Leary, who assumed the pseudonym Jackson Cooper, is a serial rapist and multiple killer.

This time he seduced naive teenager Carina Matthews, who is eager to flee home to California with Jackson, doesn't realize he killed her father Alan and catches on only very slowly that he commits robberies and violence all the time.

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