Automatically updating web page updating to windows vista

The next time the map file is opened, the autosave feature is again turned on, and this message will appear the first time you save changes to the map file.

Updates your Web page with any changes that you save to your map file.

The placeholder text should only appear when the page first loads, but will disappear when the script runs.

Because we want the function to continue receiving and handling updates, we add the script section in the body of the page.

This message will not appear again during the current session, but it will appear the next time you open and save changes to your map file.

Note The map view on a Web page is not changed when you change the map view in the map file.

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I need to make a web interface for this to display status of sensors and automatically update them when the status of any of the sensors changes(or just automatically update them every few seconds). What are the options for pushing the sensor data to the web browser automatically or even by continuously requesting the data?

I have considered the following scheme: Allocate shared memory in the C program for the sensor data, which can be read by a server side script like php.

Then have some ajax or something requesting the data on a loop or timer event.

We will use HTML5 and Java Script at client side, with PHP at server side.

With existing models such as AJAX, the code in a Web page would continually ask the server to supply new data, but the onus was on the client to request the information.

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