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Great opening number choreographed by Brian Friedman to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too”.On a side note did not know that Jason Derulo wrote that song.So this week the dancers are back dancing with their all-stars in their own styles.

" Billy certainly delivered, his kicks and leaps were amazing, but it was kind of like seeing Clay Aiken do "Grease" on "American Idol" all those years ago: Technically good but uncomfortably cheesy. Cristina Santana with Mark Kanemura, jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh: Wait, Cristina was in this?I would have asked him to heal the parts of my life that only he could.God made us for relationships; we’re wired that way."So You Think You Can Dance" really got underway tonight with a standard-setting contemporary work by Sonya Tayeh for All-Star Allison Holker and contestant Alex Wong, the semifinalist from last season who couldn't compete because of a contract with the Miami City Ballet. My one concern about Alex (and Billy Bell, too): I just hope they're not the Jakob Karr of this season (or the Crystal Bowersox, for that matter): the virtuoso whose perfection almost gets boring.I can't imagine it, but then again, I never imagined Bowersox would come in second on "American Idol."On to the performances: Billy with Lauren Gottlieb, Broadway choreographed by Tyce Di Orio: One of the problems with SYTYCD is that it's considered bad form to criticize the choreography.

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