Accommodating cultural differences

One of the buzz phrases among human resources staff and leaders is “workforce diversity,” a phrase intended to mean everything from racial diversity to diversity between generations in the workplace.Learning workforce diversity concepts through training seminars and workshops is one thing; actually developing ways to accommodate workforce diversity is another.A classroom is made up of different personalities, attributes, backgrounds, and abilities.

Human resources leaders look for the return on investment in training and development materials; however, it’s often difficult to measure what percentage of money spent on training is actually worthwhile.

Business magazines like “Fortune,” "Black Enterprise" and “Inc.” publish lists of companies deemed the best to work for because of efforts to embrace diversity.

This, in turn, affects the company’s ability to recruit and retain talented workers.

As companies diversify and the workplace expands to include people from various backgrounds, cultural differences among employees will become more prevalent.

Cultural differences can encompass everything from religious observances to personal habits to clothing.

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